Does your child have a favourite character or author?

Fictional characters are every where in a children’s life, from the TV to books, video games and even clothing. Does your child have a favourite? Are they a book worm, and do they have a favourite author?

Alana didn’t even have to even think about an answer when I asked her those 2 questions. Straight away she replied Harry Potter and J K Rowling! I recently took her for a day out at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour as she is absolutely besotted by the whole cast of Harry Potter. If you have your own little Harry Potter fan, I really recommend the Studio Tour and don’t forget to taste some of the famous ButterBeer available half way around the tour.


Hogwarts Great Hall Harry Potter


A recent survey carried out on 800 parents in UK showed 12% also have children who love Harry Potter with him taking the lead.  The results of the survey were provided by Looking through the list I can see Harriets favourite character, Mickey Mouse.   She loves MickeyMouse Club House on Disney Junior channel. Dominiks favourite is probably Thomas the Tank Engine, he has the train tracks and the DVDs.



What is your child’s favourite fictional childrens character? What is your child’s favourite fictional author?
Character Percentage Author Percentage
Harry Potter 12.60% J K Rowling 10.50%
Gruffalo 2.40% Enid Blyton 7.80%
Peter Pan 2.20% Roald Dahl 6.30%
Noddy 1.80% Julia Donaldson 1.80%
Peppa Pig 1.20% David Walliams 1.50%
Thomas The Tank Engine 1% Jaqueline Wilson 1.50%
Bob The Builder 0.90% AA Milne 1.00%
Horrid Henry 0.90% JRR Tolkien 0.50%
Mickey Mouse 0.70% Michael Morpurgo 0.50%
Batman 0.60% Terry Pratchett 0.50%


Looking through the list of authors, I am quite surprised to see some classics like Enid Blyton and Terry Pratchett, these authors were my favourite as a child.  What are your children’s favourite, can you see them in the list?


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How does your dog’s diet change with age?

Think about your diet as you grew from a baby into an adult. For most of us, this would have consisted of milk, then baby food, then solid food that we rarely eat anymore. Our portion sizes will have grown, and we will have changed our focus gradually from a diet based around growth and energy, to one tailored more towards long-term health.

This is true of most creatures, and dogs are no exception. They have different nutritional needs throughout every stage of their life. However, while dog owners often make sure puppies are given specialised food, the same attention is rarely paid to the diets of older dogs.


fang dog harry potter studio tour


As a dog gets older, their metabolism slows down. This means that the amount of energy needed by the body to function gets lower, so elderly dogs need less food. This is important to bear in mind, as owners often overfeed older dogs as they do not realise their pet needs less food than before.

This can lead to obesity, and as with many other health conditions the effects of this can be more intense with old age. A good method to use in order to prevent this is to feed your dog several small meals a day, rather than one or two larger ones. That way your pet is less likely to overeat, and you can keep better track of their food consumption.

Another way to prevent this is to make sure your dog gets plenty of gentle exercise. Older dogs are less active, which can contribute heavily to weight gain. Make sure they are able to go for reasonable walks, so they can maintain a fairly active lifestyle long into their later years.

Your dog may also need a more palatable diet than before. Older dogs do not have as strong digestive systems as younger pooches, so they are less able to handle typical dry dog food. Standard, cheaper brands are too high in carbohydrates for older dogs to properly digest, so it is much better to opt for a higher-quality wet food.

It is also worth opting for a more premium brand of dog food with a higher meat content to improve your dog’s enjoyment of their meals. Older dogs can lose their sense of smell, and therefore taste, so low-quality foods can seem bland to them. This can lead to them losing their appetite, and under-eating.


sprocker spaniel white ear


If your dog has a more specific health concern, you can tailor their diet to help with this. For example, dogs that develop issues with their hearts usually benefit from a diet with reduced sodium. As such, it is a good idea to check the salt content of any food you feed them. Similarly, dogs who develop cancer can benefit from antioxidants such as omega-three oils.

Try to make sure your dog is also getting the vitamins and other nutrients that will help them with the problems of old age in general. For example, vitamins C and E can help bolster an elderly dog’s weaker immune system. You could also consider making sure your dog gets some glucosamine in their diet, for stronger joints.

For high-quality dog food that would suit the diet of an older dog, click here.


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Silentnight’s National Bed Month

Did you know March is national bed month? Time to get some decent sleep! Although I am guilty of always working late on the computer, crawling into bed in the early hours, up early for school run without breakfast. So with this collaboration with Silentnight and Warburtons I am going to be sleeping like a baby and waking up as fresh as a daisy.




Research by Silentnight show some quite shocking results, we put checking our emails and twitter feed before making time to eat any thing. Are you guilty of prioritising your emails over your breakfast?

Watch this video to see Dr Nerina giving some advice about getting a good nights sleep.



I never struggle to sleep, probably because I am so tired from working, but I never wake up fresh and energetic. As soon as I am awake I grab my phone to check my social media and emails, then jump out of bed to get the girls to school, on the odd day I grab a banana before starting work. I feel sluggish and tired by 11am.

So thanks to Warburtons I am going to be enjoying some hearty breakfasts every day, and some peaceful nights sleep.  What is your favourite breakfast? Why not for the rest of March take the time to have breakfast and see how much better you feel.



fancy a cuppa



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I am looking to give my home office (corner of lounge) an update. I love my Ikea bureau desk and all my Muji storage, but it is lacking some personality and inspiration. I need a comfortable chair where I can sit to read and write my notes, this Barcelona chair would look gorgeous teamed with the gold star cushion.  The vase is important as I always have fresh flowers around, I love the shape and simplicity of this one from Pavilion Broadway.  Then for some quirky additions to make it all me, the bunny tape dispenser is just too damn cute, and my desk would not be complete with out a skull full of my favourite drink to celebrate the end of a long day blogging.





01// Desk Bunny Tape Dispenser £24     02// Barcelona Chair £225     03// Chevron Rug £69     04// Gold Star Cushion £26     05// Geometric Vase £25     06// Skull Glass £3

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Find your new pet with Hello Pet! from Animal Friends

Three years ago we had to make a heart breaking decision.  Dominik was just a baby, but we had to rehome our lovely Irish Setter Poppy.  Dominiks eczema had got so out of hand, we were in the hospital every week, every night was a battle, the Consultant said it was not helping having a dog in the house.   We knew it was the right thing to do at the time and we know Poppy is happy with her new family, but it was tough on all of us.

In the last year we have been offering support to dogs by providing temporary housing or foster care to rescue dogs, it has been a rewarding experience for us and a way of seeing how Dominik would cope with having a dog in the house again.  Before Christmas we decided it was time to finally have our own dog again, Dominiks eczema is under control now and having a dog about does not make it worse any more. We took our time to pick a dog, researching all the various breeds. So many different sizes, coat types, energy levels, how do you pick a dog to match your lifestyle?

Animal Friends has created what is perhaps the first ever pet and owner matching service of its kind, HelloPet! The tool uses a series of questions that selects your perfect pet depending on your lifestyle and personality. The results will not only determine whether your perfect pet companion is a cat or a dog, but which breed is best suited to you too. So I have just taken the test and my results were:

Interestingly my first dog was a German shepherd called General Maximus, he was lovely long haired black German shepherd.  Are you thinking about getting a pet? Take the test and see which breed is most compatible to your lifestyle.  Do not forget to come back and tell me what your results were, it  would also be interesting to see if you are already a dog owner, have you been matched to your own pet?
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