Bringing strictly come dancing to our home

What do you think of when some one mentions Strictly Come Dancing? First thing that springs to my mind is glitter, sparkles and colour! The dresses are the best bit of the show for me, and when I was given this opportunity I knew what I was going to do.

I headed straight to my local haberdashery store Hansons in Sturminster Newton, Kirsty Allsopp has been seen here a few times shopping too! Hansons is really popular around here, Ive spoke to people in the que that have come from as far away as Cardiff to buy supplies, there is just such an amazing range.

I knew I wanted some thing to sparkle, some thing colourful and I just had to have some feathers! Once I had collected my haul of goodies and paid (to see what fun I had in the shop go view my google+ album here).  Once paid, I headed back home and fired up my Janome sewing machine ready to bring some glamour to our home.


sewing a strictly come dancing costume


First thing, was to get every thing ready:

  1. sewing machine
  2. scissors
  3. cotton
  4. elastic for waist band
  5. netting in various rainbow colours
  6. sequin style lycra fabric
  7. fringe
  8. feathers
  9. some imagination

I did not have a plan, I had no instructions, I just created this from my mind. I could picture it so kind of just winged it. But I am really impressed by how it turned out. This is what I did:


sewing a fringe onto our strictly come dancing costume


  1. I measured the girls waist, and cut some elastic to size and sewed the ends to make a circle for the tutu, stretch it a little when measuring.
  2. I did the same with the silver fabric, and sewed it up like a boob tube. With this fabric you do not need to worry about hemming etc just cut between the mirrored circles for straight lines.
  3. I then attached the fringe to the top of the boob tube and cut 2 long rectangle to create a halter neck tie.
  4. For the tutu, I just cut the netting into lots of pieces about 6cm wide by 30cm long and just simply tied them around the elastic.
  5. For the head band, I just used some scraps of silver fabric, no hemming again. Just measured against the girls head, and pushed a feather in.


cutting up the netting for the strictly come dancing rainbow tutu


This is the finished costume, do you think it is very Strictly Come Dancing? It took me about an hour for each costume, the girls loved them and were twirling around the lounge for the rest of the day. Its been a perfect way to involve the girls into the glamour of Strictly Come Dancing in a fun way.  Its our local carnival this weekend, maybe they will wear them and bring the glitz and sparkle of the TV show to our town.


Strap and fringe finished on the strictly come dancing costume




strictly come dancing costume nearly finished


dancing costume and tutu


strictly come dancing poses














My girls had so much fun dancing around in their very own Strictly Come Dancing style costumes.  I am glad the netting was kind of itchy, or I am sure Harriet would have tried to wear the costume to bed too!


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  1. district 21

    Love the customs. What a great way to introduce children to the world of dancing and having fun at the same time. Children are spending to little time now on having fun with the family, it’s great to see that some mums still make the effort, and those happy faces on your girls made me smile.

  2. Mary @over40andamumtoone

    They look lovely – clever Mum

    1. Elaine Croft

      Thank you x

  3. Slummy single mummy

    They both look gorgeous Elaine, I can’t believe you just made them from your head – so impressive!!

    1. Elaine Croft

      Thanks Jo x Love a good challenge! Ready for the next :D

  4. Alison

    Oh wow, those are amazing

    1. Elaine Croft

      Thanks x

  5. Mummypinkwellies

    Wow, you’re so clever!!! Fab costumes :) x

    1. Elaine Croft

      Thanks xx Ive only been sewing a while… just make it up as I go along.

  6. Dan

    Fantastic work and creativity, looking forward to your next one

  7. Knitty Mummy

    Perfect for the charleston. I shall expect to see copies on the Strictly dancefloor this series!

    1. Elaine Croft

      I would love to see some thing similar on this series!

  8. @goriami

    Aww so cute, I remember my Mum making me a dance costume when I was little, loved it! x

    1. Elaine Croft

      me too!!! I loved any chance to dress up :D

  9. Tracy

    wow love this
    great skills you have :)
    it must have taken you ages to make them

    1. Elaine Croft

      About 2 hours in total x

  10. Emma T

    These are great, make me wish I had a girl to get dressed up in tutus and sparkles!

    1. Elaine Croft

      Yeah having a girl is fun :D

  11. Charlotte

    love it…you can make my kids Halloween outfits if you like x

  12. Kathie Auton

    Wonderful! My little girl would love this!

  13. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought

    These are so great, I can’t believe you made them from scratch without a plan.

  14. Donna

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You certainly put effort in to your posts

  15. Skullmadmama

    Looks fab thee is no way I could have not got tangled sewing the fringe on!! And love the last picture :) x

  16. sue

    Your daughters are gorgeous, lucky them having costumes like that made. Fantastic job, well done.

  17. Melksham Mum

    Fantastic strictly make! I love making tutus for my girl – and me! – and am sure she’d love something like this :)

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