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Three years ago we had to make a heart breaking decision.  Dominik was just a baby, but we had to rehome our lovely Irish Setter Poppy.  Dominiks eczema had got so out of hand, we were in the hospital every week, every night was a battle, the Consultant said it was not helping having a dog in the house.   We knew it was the right thing to do at the time and we know Poppy is happy with her new family, but it was tough on all of us.

In the last year we have been offering support to dogs by providing temporary housing or foster care to rescue dogs, it has been a rewarding experience for us and a way of seeing how Dominik would cope with having a dog in the house again.  Before Christmas we decided it was time to finally have our own dog again, Dominiks eczema is under control now and having a dog about does not make it worse any more. We took our time to pick a dog, researching all the various breeds. So many different sizes, coat types, energy levels, how do you pick a dog to match your lifestyle?

Animal Friends has created what is perhaps the first ever pet and owner matching service of its kind, HelloPet! The tool uses a series of questions that selects your perfect pet depending on your lifestyle and personality. The results will not only determine whether your perfect pet companion is a cat or a dog, but which breed is best suited to you too. So I have just taken the test and my results were:

Interestingly my first dog was a German shepherd called General Maximus, he was lovely long haired black German shepherd.  Are you thinking about getting a pet? Take the test and see which breed is most compatible to your lifestyle.  Do not forget to come back and tell me what your results were, it  would also be interesting to see if you are already a dog owner, have you been matched to your own pet?
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