What I am wearing to Blogcademy 2013

In less then 24 hours I will be catching a train to London for Blogcademy, I have to add I booked first class tickets as they were cheaper then standard! Nerves are starting to get the better of me… what shall I wear, what to pack? I have just been to town to get my hair done, and brought some new clothes, and the traditional “ears” which are a must for The Blogcademy.


Shall I show you a sneaky peek of what I am going to wear? Of course it has to covered in stars! I was thinking of going for comfort and wearing some skinny jeans and a monochrome fluffy star jumper.  Then I thought I should follow my own advice and buy myself a pretty dress. I saw the most gorgeous black skater dress covered with white stars; I just need to find a little cardigan to cover up if it is cold.  I have a fluffy red one or a cute round neck one that would look good with the dress.


I am trying to pack the minimal amount of things and travel as light as possible.  So I am going to team the skater dress with some leggings, which I can wear on day 2 with my trusty Joules floral tunic dress. Then all I will need is some pyjamas, toiletries, make-up and my hair curlers.


I just need to find to decide on footwear, the weather forecast is raining so my trusty flip-flops are a definite no. I was thinking of some high leg biker type boots or some heeled ankle boots, I think flats would be a better option, as there is nothing worse then your feet hurting when trying to get about London.

After all the studying, we are all going out Saturday night for a rooftop BBQ in Hoxton.  Not sure if I need another outfit for then? Do you think I can get away with wearing the same thing all day?

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